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Advent Broadcasting Network is a none profit ministry run by Christian voluntaries from different parts of the UK with a passion for doing God's work.

Our aim and motto is to transmit messages of hope to a world that is loosing hope, to be able to make a significant impact on the lives of all members of the community regardless of cultural, sociological, or religious background. In an age of increasing technological advances, we need to use all available and appropriate means to reach people be they friends or strangers with the information and messages that we believe are important for all.

Our work is totally dependent on the support of people like you who share this vision and who desire to help us continue. With your support, this will enable us to continue reaching 2.5 million via FM Radio, and over 22 million viewers in the UK via SkyTV/FreeSat, and many more over Europe. Please support us in this exciting venture.

To make a contribution online, simply select the amount and click on the donate button below. For individual gifts, please enter the amount on the left (SUPPORT ABN) and select donate. You will be taken to a secure payment system run by PayPal. 100% of your donation will go towards the continued support of Advent Broadcasting Network.

Your donation today, will help us continue tomorrow.

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Advent Broadcasting Network(AdventHour) is a none profit ministry.
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